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by Dawn - Proprietor ~ March 2010

During 2010, myself, Caroline, Hilary and Sophie attended Simon Shaws "flick and smack" clipper cutting seminar. This showed us the latest fantastic techniques in using clippers with different attachements to create amazing cuts on long, short, thick or thin hair - looks scary but the results speak for themselves.

In 2010, Caroline and Lucy attended Simon Shaws "funky dudes" seminar - the latest techniques in clipper cutting, similar to "flick and smack" but included techniques for hair that was long or split. This is ideal if you don't want to cut off your hair but need to put some condition back into it. Most people are amazed at how it works !! - Ask the girls for more details.

In May, myself, Lisa Jai and Sophie will be attending another Simon Shaw seminar learning how to create and work on your hair! This will include gents tramlines but up about 10 levels! - basically art and design on your head .

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